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What is cannabis?

“Cannabis” refers to both the plant and the products from this plant. These products are marihuana and hash. Most users smoke cannabis in a joint.


Marijuana (weed) is dried and ground leaves from the female plant. The colour is green and has a slightly sweet smell.


Hash (shit, pot, dope or hashish) is made from resin on the flower tops of the female plant. Hash looks like a stock cube. Hash oil may also be made from hashish, but it isn’t as common.

Using cannabis

  • Cannabis is usually smoked. Together with tobacco in a self-rolled cigarette, it’s called a joint. But cannabis is also smoked in a pipe, in a water pipe (hookah) or with an evaporator (vaporiser).
  • Cannabis may be eaten and drunk. Cannabis is sometimes processed into a cake or drunk as tea.

The effects of cannabis depend on the use. Smoking cannabis gives the fastest effect. If one eats cannabis, it takes longer before there’s an effect.

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