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About the ‘Druglijn’

The “Druglijn” is a service and helpline providing anonymous information, advice and guidance regarding all questions on alcohol, drugs, psychoactive medicine, gambling and excessive gaming.

You can contact the “Druglijn” by telephone, e-mail and online chat in full confidentiality. The helpline is operated by seven staff members and a group of about twenty duely trained volunteers.

The questions are very diverse in character:

About drugs…

  • what does a particular drug look like?
  • how are they used?
  • what are the effects of using it?
  • what are the short term and long term risks?
  • how long do they remain in the body?

About help and support…

  • what to do in a crisis?
  • where to go for counselling or treatment?
  • what can you do when your child, partner, sibling, parent of friend has a problem?
  • what are the legal aspects of particular problems?

About prevention…

  • how to set up an alcohol or drug prevention policy at school or in the workplace?
  • where to go for information and counselling material?
  • requests for free brochures and posters from the Druglijn.

Next to helping out people, The “Druglijn” also has a secondary role to play. Apart from giving information to the individual questions, tailor made and anonymous, it is also a source of anonymous data monitoring: it collects new trends in drug use, keeps track of changes in public attitudes towards alcohol and drug use, etc.

The “Druglijn” is part of VAD, the Dutch acronym for “Association for Alcohol and other Drug problems”. All studies, prevention and treatment associated with drug, medication and alcohol related abuse is channelled in the right direction by VAD. VAD is an NGO and recognised by the Flemish government.

The “Druglijn” is an active member of FESAT, the European Foundation of Drug Helplines.