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Legislation on cannabis

Cannabis is an illegal drug. Cannabis possession and/or use can always be punished, both for minors and for adults.

Cannabis is always forbidden for minors

The law is clear with regard to minors (those under the age of 18): the import, production, possession, use and sale of cannabis are always prohibited. When a minor is caught with drugs, the police make an official report and deliver it to the public prosecutor. Parents are also informed.

Adults: ‘Lowest prosecution priority’

The import, production, possession, use and sale of both cannabis and other illicit drugs are also forbidden for adults. Possession of cannabis for personal use however, carries the lowest prosecution priority. Specifically, possession for personal use – this is a maximum of three grams of cannabis or the cultivation of one female cannabis plant – is not always prosecuted. Cannabis is always confiscated.

With a disruption of public order (use near school, park or public transport) or aggravating circumstances (use with minors, dealing), further prosecution always follows.

In certain cities, municipalities or at certain festivals, however, you can also receive an immediate amicable settlement. That means that you have to immediately pay an on the spot fine. Even when you have less than a usage quantity.

No cannabis in traffic

In traffic, all drug use is prohibited. Saliva tests are used to check for cannabis use in traffic.