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The risks of cannabis

Cannabis entails risks in the short and long term. It may lead to addiction.

In the short-term

  • Those who feel bad may feel even worse.
  • Too much cannabis may cause nausea and dizziness.
  • Too much cannabis may cause anxiety.
  • One may concentrate less well and sometimes forget things that have just been done.
  • Cannabis can be dangerous for people with heart problems.
  • Cannabis may cause people to lose a grasp of reality.
  • Smoking cannabis during pregnancy or breastfeeding is bad for the unborn child or baby.
  • Those who drive under the influence of cannabis are twice as likely to have a car accident.

In the long term

  • Using a lot of cannabis for a long time, may lead to problems with concentration and memory.
  • Smoking cannabis increases the risk of lung or heart problems.
  • If you regularly use cannabis, it may cause permanent changes in the brain. Especially with young users.
  • Those who use cannabis for a long time may become addicted.