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Legislation on gambling

There are four different gaming establishments in Belgium:

  1. The casinos: You may only visit a casino when you are 21 years old. You may then only enter following registration (name, age, etc.)
  2. Gambling machines: To use these, one must be 21 years of age and also register.
  3. Drinking establishments: A licensed café may operate a maximum of 2 devices. You may play on these from the age of 18, without registration.
  4. Betting offices: Betting offices are accessible to adults (+18). Bets above 1000 euros must be registered.

Gamblers may protect themselves against the temptation by forbidding themselves access to gambling offices and websites. In addition, the immediate family, the OCMW (Public Social Welfare Centre), etc. also prohibit people with a gambling addiction from entering the gambling offices. Such an access prohibition may be requested from the Gaming Commission.