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The effects of alcohol

Alcohol has a narcotic effect. If you drink a little alcohol, you become more active and you dare to do more. If you drink more, you will pay less attention. You also react slower.

Dependent on how much you drink

With a larger amount of alcohol, your responsiveness decreases. You hear and see less well. At the same time you have more confidence, so you dare more. This sometimes creates dangerous situations, for example in traffic.

If you drink more alcohol, you have less control over your movements. You stagger when you walk and talking becomes more difficult. Because of this you often forget what has been said and happened. The following day you may suffer from headaches and feel sick.

Too high a dose of alcohol may cause your respiration and heartbeat to slow down or stop completely. This may lead to coma or death.

Different from person to person

The same amount of alcohol works differently for one person than for the other. That’s because of your weight, stress and level of fatigue. The speed at which you drink also plays a role, just like your gender. Young people, the elderly and women are often less resistant to alcohol.